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Cyndi Connolly, Owner and Operator of Coastal Hearing Clinic

Coastal Hearing Clinic is located in downtown Sandwich, Massachusetts. We're family-owned and operated. This is our community and where we live, and it's important to us that we can serve our neighbors and help them hear better.

Some practices are all about selling hearing aids. Coastal Hearing Clinic is different. We want to change lives. That's why we offer complete audiological evaluations instead of just a simple hearing test, so we can get to the bottom of your hearing loss no matter whether the solution is hearing aids or referring you to an ear-nose-throat physician. We answer your questions honestly and make sure you have all the information you need to make a decision about your hearing.

We get so much satisfaction out of fitting patients with hearing aids and then seeing how much their lives are improved. It's incredibly rewarding. When we leave work, we feel complete and satisfied knowing we've helped somebody hear better.

Cyndi Connolly, Owner / Operator

Cyndi Connolly, Owner / Operator

Cyndi was first drawn to the field of hearing because of personal experience. Her father had hearing loss from his time in the military, and when he started having trouble engaging with people around him, he began withdrawing from parts of his life. Her son Brennan also developed hearing problems in early childhood. While researching hearing aids to help support Brennan, Cyndi found the field fascinating, and she saw how much of a difference hearing aids could make, not just for the person with hearing loss, but everyone around them.

Cyndi switched careers to enter the field of hearing in 2004. She didn't just earn her state certification; she went one step further and became nationally board certified. She has worked in different environments — private practices, ENT clinics, and even retail hearing aid stores. She has learned a lot about treating patients, but she also learned what she believes a hearing practice should be: friendly, compassionate, and patient-focused. Now, with Coastal Hearing Clinic, she can do things her way. Her family history with hearing difficulties means she understands where patients are coming from and how hearing loss affects their life.

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